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The condensed directions: Read the cue, react to the cue. There's no right answer, no research required. I cite sources where applicable but it's all about coming up with creative answers. Winners are picked in a week.

The number one rule? Have FUN!!!

05/23 - I'll be naming final winners this week!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ultimate Winner #1: C Beth

Cue the trumpets! Throw some confetti! Alert the press!

Today we celebrate a momentous occasion - our first participant to collect all seven days! Too bad the Olympics have ended or we'd have her stand on a podium and give her a gold medal.

Our first Ultimate Winner? None other than C. Beth (@cbethblog)!

It seems only fitting that Beth is our first winner because she has faithfully participated in every cue. Even more? She did it in limerick!!!

Check out her wins:

Day One
11/30/09 - Tiger Woods

Day Two
02/16/10 - Jealous

Day Three
10/28/09 - Halloween Costume
12/09/09 - I'm Proud

Day Four
11/19/09 - Sponsorship
12/17/09 - Santa
12/31/09 - New Year

Day Five
01/22/10 - Internet Dating

Day Six
11/14/09 - Over Her Shoulder
01/02/10 - Power Go-Kart

Day Seven
12/27/09 - Direction
01/09/10 Licks

So everyone join me in congratulating Beth at being awesome!

And what's the prize for being awesome? I haven't figured that part out yet. She never seems interested when I offer her unlimited amounts of cat hair so for now, she'll have to make do with knowing she has won eleventy bajillion internets while I hook her up with a shiny button and my husband's stock portfolio.


Eternal Lizdom said...

Well deserved! BRAVO!

C. Beth said...

Aw, you even did a whole post just to congratulate me? I'm totally self-absorbed and so I LOVE this. :-D Thanks!!!! Can't wait for the shiny button!

Mellodee said...

Congratulations!! Your limericks could have won any day since the beginning. They are always good!

C. Beth said...

Thanks, Liz & Mellodee!!

InspiredDreamer said...

Congrats C. Beth!!! I'm only one away, I look forward to joining such an auspicious level of participation! :)

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