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Friday, January 22, 2010

Internet Dating

So I Have This Friend: Give your best advice to this friend.
So I have this friend... She's been chatting with this guy she met online and they get along really well. They've even talked on the phone. He'd like to meet in person for a drink. The issue? She may have fibbed just a bit about her appearance. Like a decade of years and a couple dozen pounds. What should she do?
We Have A Winner!!! 01/29/10
Call ahead, and say, "I'll be late.
So have a few drinks while you wait!"
A strong shot (or ten)
Before you walk in
Will ensure, in his eyes, you look great.
Winner: C. Beth (@cbethblog)
Reason: It just might work...


WeeSally said...

Yikes, Has he seen her face? If not she could always arrange to meet him, then hang out in the crowd to check him out, see how he reacts to other people, if he seems like he'd be cool, just go for it. If he isnt cool about it, it's kinda her own fault, and that should teach her not to lie on the interwebs.

Autumn in jeans said...

I met my boyfriend through the internet. If he had lied to me about his age (I mean 10 years?!) I wouldn't have taken it any further. A few pounds everyone tends to fib on for the most part, 5 or 10 pounds here or there, not really a big deal; but again a couple dozen? Did she really think she had a chance in this relationship by starting out lying about herself? Sorry, no sympathy for her if this doesnt work out for her.

She needs to come clean and fast and she needs to expect the worst (him never speaking to her again) but hope for the best. And hopefully she'll learn her lesson about lying.

Autumn in jeans said...

She might have a chance at friendship with him, if it was a girl friend of mine I'd be mad about her lying to me but I'd attempt to keep the friendship (unless the lies continued or got worse) but if it's a potential boyfriend, who I'm interested in romantically? Nope sorry. Bye bye.

notgordian said...

Tell her to claim that she's a real life Benjamin Button, only it might take a while to switch back to the younger version.

Mike Trippiedi said...

Well...she blew it by lying. However, if she wants to fix the weight situation she needs to put off meeting this man for a couple of months and use that time to seriously diet. Once the pounds are off, the two can meet. As for lying about her age - well many men like older women so this could be a plus. Whatever happens, this should be a good lesson in the consequences of lying.

Donna B said...

Lied about 10 years and over twenty pounds? Never a good idea to start any kind of a relationship by being dishonest. If she wants to meet him, she has to put herself on the line and maybe soften it with some humor. I would tell him, that she really likes his personality, and wants to meet him, but she made the mistake of being insecure and nervous when they first started communicating, not realizing she would be so attracted to him, so she "fudged a little" with her age and weight. I would suggest her asking him if he would still consider meeting and letting him be the judge... Hopefully, her personality meant more to him than her appearance. If not, she learned a valuable lesson. You take yourself with you where ever you go, so why lie!

InspiredDreamer said...

"Hey there, you know how
it's the inside that matters?
I'm glad you agree..."

Charleen said...

Once you've lied, you have lost your credibility...unless he has lied too! Has he? If not she needs to come clean and if he is willing to still see here, good.

jmberrygirl said...

She shouldn't say a word. Meet him and see what happens!

C. Beth said...

Call ahead, and say, "I'll be late.
So have a few drinks while you wait!"
A strong shot (or ten)
Before you walk in
Will ensure, in his eyes, you look great.

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