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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Checklist: A list of words will be accompanied by a scenario in which to use them.

Sangria, Lost, Monkey, Book
Tell me about your vacation.

Thanks to Marc for today's cue!

We Have A Winner!!! 04/22/10
Holiday Lemons
Winner: Monica Manning
Reason: Monica was correct in that her piece was a bit long. But it was well-written and didn't feel that long when I read it. It's definitely worth clicking over to check it out.


China said...

After a turbulent flight, temporarily lost luggage, and a restless night's sleep with a noisy air conditioner, I was finally on the beach. It was warm, humid bliss. I settled on a chaise with my most recently acquired book by David Sedaris. With a huge, warm sigh that flowed through every relaxing muscle and resting bone in my body, I sipped Sangria and thought about my husband back at home dealing with Monkey-boy, the Drama Princess, and, our oldest, Mr. Loud Sound Effects!

InspiredDreamer said...

Lost in Sangria
And a steamy book: Romance.
Monkey Island rocks.

Monica Manning said...

I got a little long-winded with my piece and didn't want to post the whole thing in the comments section, so I posted Holiday Lemons on my blog.

C. Beth said...

I'll relax with a book, under a Parisian tree.
But what if a monkey comes and pickpockets me?
Then my sangria spills?
Then some guy slips me pills?
I guess I'll stay home, and watch LOST on TV.

Heather said...

We were on our first family vacation in four years. It was paradise! My husband had gone to swim laps in the pool while the kids napped. I happily stayed on the balcony just outside the room sipping a Sangria while reading a book. I hadn't been able to sit and just read in a long time. I hoped that the excessive sun, fresh air, and running on the beach had wiped my monkeys out so they would sleep for a very long time. I smiled, remembering how one of the locals had looked at me with alarm when I addressed my children as Monkey 1 and Monkey 2. I settled back into my book after the memory passed and lost track of time.

Anonymous said...

Lost in Sangria -
Spending my days with a book,
just monkey and me.

(that could conceivably be the most disturbing haiku I have ever written)

Monica Manning said...

Thanks for the win, Cate! I will proudly wear my button.

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