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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Romeo and Juliet

Take Two: Given a second chance, how would this be different? Rewrite the ending to a book, movie, scene, fable, quote, etc.

Romeo and Juliet is a classic but let's play Shakespeare and rewrite the ending.

We Have A Winner!!! 03/14/10
Oh that's easy - the parents let them get married, they start having kids, he has a boring going nowhere job, she has to get a really crappy job since she's a woman and can only work part time with the kids, he gets tired of it and cheats on her - she poisons him. Happily ever after right??
Winner: B, who posted her response on her blog
Reason: Perhaps the moral of B's story is that living an unhappy, unfulfilled life is a fate worse than a passionate life that ends in death? Beats me but I kind of like the idea that either way, they would not escape their eventual fate.


alchemy16 said...

If I could rewrite the end, I would let them be together, but then I thought some more and i realized that i don't want them to come together, if they had, i wouldn't know them or know of towers beneath which lovers stood and put together they most beautiful words they could think of, and make love seem like the most wonderful thing in the world, and hence the least easy, and then the more worthwhile.
I wouldn't change the end, not ever.

B : ) said...

Bethany said...

Juliet: Oh Romeo, I dost loveth thee, but if thee can not groweth a set of balls and speaketh to mine father then you are nothing but a eunuch and shall never be man enough for me. Claim me like a man or be forever gone.

Hearing his daughter once again talking to someone in the garden in the middle of the night, Juliet's father enters the room.

Father: Juliet, to whom speakest thee?

Juliet: Ask and ye shall be answered father.

Father: To whom does my daughter speak this night before her wedding? Who has crept into my garden and risked tainting the most perfect of my flowers? Speak now or I shall call forth the guards!

Crickets chirp. Mosquitos buzz. The distant sound of leather shoes hitting the opposite side of the wall are heard, followed by the fading sound of running.


Juliet: It was only an illusion, a figment dear father. But look at how the moonlight dances on the Pansies!

And nine months later Juliet has a daughter named Pansy.

Anonymous said...

As the two lovers lie, cooling in their eternal embrace, Paris stirs.

"Foresooth Romeo, your blade was quick, but not true. 'tis but a flesh wound."

Looks around.

"Struth, but this shall be hard to explain."

Peeks out the door, sees soldiers running.

"Bugger. Time for Paris to be in London methinks."

Runs off.

Romeo and Juliet open their eyes.

"I told you this way would be less bloody."

"Yes dear, but verily, who would pay to see it?"

C. Beth said...

"Uh, Ro," said Juli, "Gotta tell you,
I been real sad. Been feelin' blue.
But it's time at last,
To grow up fast.
In eight months, we're havin' Baby Montague."

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