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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Poem

Take Two: Given a second chance, how would this be different? Rewrite the ending to a book, movie, scene, fable, quote, etc.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring yesterday, I tried to find a nice Spring poem to share. Instead, I found this:
Ode to Spring
O spring, O spring
You wonderful thing!
O spring, O spring, O spring!
O spring, O spring,
When the birdies sing
I feel like a king,
O spring!
~Walter R. Brooks
Either rewrite this awful poem or write your own brief Ode to Spring.

We Have Winners!!! 03/29/10 (All of the responses were amazing, I had trouble even narrowing it down to two!)
The first day of Spring is a wonderful thing;
Its escorted by sunny, warm weather.
Robins take wing, and all the birds sing,
And the light coats replace those of leather.

Yes, the Sun in the sky brings a tear to my eye
As it banishes gray hues, so dreary.
Winter's still there, by the nip in the air,
But its pall will grow less and less weary.

With a smile in my heart, I'll now play the part
Of a lover whose dear one comes calling,
And cheeks flushed with pink might cause one to think
That the star for the costar has fallen.
Winner: D.A. Schweiss on his blog
Reason: This is a beautiful take on Spring and the transition away from Winter.

oh spring! oh spring!
you ghastly thing
with your bursting enthusiasm
and syrupy smile
oh why can't you leave me
to wallow in winter,
and shiver and grumble a while?
Winner: Radhika92
Reason: While so many of us are excited for Spring, I thought this was a great representation for those who aren't.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

I don't think I can improve on that masterpiece of English craftmanship.

Anonymous said...

Spring here,
Spring there.
Oh it's springing

The grass is green,
The sky is blue.
Mind you don't step,
in some springy-doo.

B : ) said...

Cherylann said...

I just tweeked it a bit :)

D.A. Schweiss said...

I wrote my own poem. Probably not the right thing for this contest, but I thought I would share it:

Mellodee said...

Oh Spring, Oh Spring,
What joys you bring
Such happy things!
Oh Spring!

Oh Spring, Oh Spring,
Put kites on string,
Let birdies sing!
Oh Spring!

There, just needed a little spiffing up!! :)

C. Beth said...

O Spring, among your most awesome deeds,
You really excel at creating these weeds!
O'er grass they tower.
With a cry of, "Flower!",
My daughter blows dandelions (& spreads their seeds.)

radhika92 said...

oh spring! oh spring!
you ghastly thing
with your bursting enthusiasm
and syrupy smile
oh why can't you leave me
to wallow in winter,
and shiver and grumble a while?

Marc said...

Spring, Spring!
It’s a beautiful thing!
The roses are red,
The violets are blue,
I’m butt nekkid
And so are you!

Spring, Spring!
It’s time for a fling!
Cupid’s on the loose
And he’s not shooting blanks
(And neither am I –
Just ask the sperm banks!)

Spring, Spring!
I just want to sing!
Forget about war,
That trend I’m bucking;
It’s time to get down
To some real nasty fffhey Mrs. Thomas!

I was just telling your daughter how excited I am that Spring is here! Isn’t it such a lovely day?

Bethany said...

Ode to Spring

You are a tease
You are a flirt
You are a young hussy
In a short skirt

One day you bring sun
The next day it is snow
I begin to believe the warmth
Then the wind starts to blow

The grass emerges from brown to green
Crocuses emerge, Buds on the trees
Mud coats my shoes where ever I go
And it seems all I do now is sneeze

D.A. Schweiss said...

Wow! A co-win? Thank you! I feel very honored.

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