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05/23 - I'll be naming final winners this week!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


A Thousand Words: Photo day!

Write whatever comes to mind about this cameo.

Source: Creative Images Rubber Stamps, submitted by Alchemy16

We Have A Winner!!! 03/29/10
"Hey pretty lady. Why so blue?"
Winner: davidseven
Reason: Since it was Alchemy16's cue, I let her choose the winner. She picked davidseven "cause it was funny, and unexpected, and completely not pertinent. :)"


SparkleFarkle said...

Cameo: If I was Travis Bickle, I'd be looking at you, wondering out loud if you were looking at me.

C. Beth said...

It's light blue, dark blue--very blue.
You say it's dated? I think so too.
But remember this
When you look at Blue Miss--
Mama Smurf needs a cameo too!

chris weigand said...

I'm a day or two late, but here goes:

I see the small box hiding in the corner of the attic. Could that be it, would it contain what I was looking for, the key to my past? Mother had told me of the cameo that had gone missing when she was a child. It had been a gift to her great, great grandmother from her beau who later became her husband, and although there was nothing out of the ordinary about that, there was something mysterious about the way he came to have it in his possession. Since its disappearance the mystery was lost to us and I meant to find the cameo and solve the mystery, and now I almost had it in my hands.

Cherylann said...

A reminder of an elegant period in the lives of Mankind. The beauty sums up all that was good of the 1800's

B : ) said...

TMC said...


Anonymous said...

"hey pretty lady. Why so blue?"

Bethany said...

We could only bring to America the things that fit inside of the bags we carried. Our possessions were pretty meager anyway, so it was not much of a hardship. Papa carefully packed his pearl studded cuff links, while my older brother packed away his three treasured books he had received for his birthdays and holidays. I packed my one dolly, hand sewn from the softest cloth and dressed in a miniature copy of my best dress. Mama carefully wrapped up the blue cameo that her own mama had given her, the one she only wore on the most special of occasions, and tucked it between the layers of clothing in her sack. It was the only thing besides her clothing of the old world that she was taking with her to the new. We were going to start over in a place where we could dream again.

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