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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year

Letters: Given either a first line or a set-up, write a letter appropriate to the situation.
Write a letter giving yourself instructions for the new year.

We Have Some Winners! 01/07/09
Winner: Everyone who participated. Autumn (@autumn_in_jeans), C. Beth (@cbethblog), Inspired Dreamer, Mellodee, @ReligionBites (@ReligionBites), s'me, Shirley, Silver Star (@silvrstar), Tom
Reason: I just loved this prompt and all of the responses so much. I hope we all stay true to our letters this year.


C. Beth said...

Dear Beth, Live more. Worry less.
Let the kids (and yourself) make a mess.
Build a healthy you.
(Indulge a little too.)
What's ahead? Don't even try to guess.

Tom said...

1. Get out of bed.
2. Go into the bathroom, look in the mirror. If you do not like what you see, make changes quickly.
3. Love your mate, and make sure that they know you love them.
4. Make sure that everyday your share the trials and tribulations of that day with your mate.
5. Live everyday to the fullest, and look forward to tomorrow.

Autumn said...

Dear Autumn,
Ok so 2009 sucked, we know but it's 2010 now and you can take the sorrows and the pain from last year and learn from them for this year. Couple of goals for this year: don't stress too much about a job, you'll get one, eventually; go ahead and start packing stuff you never really use or need right now for your move to NY state; finish your novel; spend more time with the kids and dont forget to take more pictures; stop stressing out about 27, yes it's closer to 30 but maybe your 30's will be better than your 20's and you only have 3 years left of your 20's so enjoy them; workout and workout often - you're so close to your final goal, let's reach it this year, you're getting sexier every day; have fun - because really that was the biggest mistake of last year, you never let yourself have fun. You will have down days, expect them and it's ok to cry yourself to sleep sometimes that's just part of life, you're old enough to know that now. But you have to take the bad with the good and remember that life has not always been hard and it won't always be hard. You have a lot to look forward to this year, embrace it. And don't forget to breathe!

Lots of Love,
~ A brighter, happier, more focused you

silver star said...

It's okay to see a dentist, not all dentist and hygenist want to hurt you! They are trying to prevent the pain you endured in December 2009 (when you waited too long to get your wisdom teeth pulled). Life doesn't always go as you wish it would, so quit making plans that will fail. Don't let things bother you, like the jerks at your job or situations that you have no control over. Be a healthier person, eat less junk, drink water, exercise, it will help you out in the long run. Last, be happy with what you have. Let's make this a better year!

Shirley said...

Dear You,

Yes, you! Don't think about it, just do it! Get off your butt and exercise something besides your fingers on the keyboard!! Have some fun, spend some time, enjoy your world!!


s'me said...

Dear Sarah,

Well, 2009 was not the best year. Doing the stiff upper lip thing since July when Rich died has not been easy, and you know what, it hasn't always been good for you.

So cry, and give yourself a break woman, before you join him. (And you know that would leave the Adorable Child with the Ex-Husband, and you'd get in trouble from Rich for that.)

Relax, live and love again. Not everyone you love will die - he's the only one in longer-than-you-like-to-think of dating, so you know, the odds are in your favour.

And for heavens sake, love yourself again. That means Wii-Fit, excercise ball, and sleeping more.

I think that's about it. You've been a great Mummy, and your son is getting through this brilliantly, but you know, you need time too.

Cup of tea and a bath. Off you go.

love you.


@Religionbites said...

So...I'm actually participating. Wow! My response is on my blog today. Sorry I don't participate more. Maybe that should be one of my resolutions. I'm just too lazy to do it on my iphone and I can't get to your site at work - stupid work filters and all.

Patti :)

Mellodee said...

Dear Me,

Just keep breathing....all will take care of itself if you just remember to breathe! Cuz if you are breathing you still have time to fix whatever you can. Breathe and change what needs changing....Breathe and accept that this is the only life you get, and just keep breathing and take time to laugh, cry, and feel everything that you can....remember someday you won't have any more breaths left. Do not waste them....breathe every single breath you get, and treasure each one!

InspiredDreamer said...

Think of others first,
Be true to how God made you,
And don't eat too much.

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