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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Advice to Newlyweds

Letters: Given either a first line or a set-up, write a letter appropriate to the situation.

While digging through the Google Analytics for this site, I found someone came searching on the term "advice for newlyweds". I'm not sure if they found what they were looking for so let's give it to them!

Write a note of advice to the newlyweds.

We Have A Winner!!! 03/14/10
Dear Head Over Heals in Love,

Get a nice piece of paper and something comfortable to write with. Sit down in a comfortable place to write. Write out what you love about your spouse and why you wanted to marry. Fold the note carefully and store it in a safe, easily accessible place.

Believe it or not there will probably be days when you will wonder what you ever saw in your spouse and why you ever wanted to get married. On those days it will be good to be able to pull out your note and remind yourself of how you feel today.
Winner: Jacqueline, who posted on her blog
Reason: I've been married almost 12 years and I think even at this stage her advice is valuable.


B : ) said...

Eternal Lizdom said...

1. Turn towards each other. When there is a problem, an issue, an annoyance- don't complain about it while having a few beers with the guys. Don't vent to your girlfriends. Turn towards each other and work together to work through whatever comes your way.

2. Laugh. A lot. Even the hardest and saddest times need laughter.

Jacqueline said...

You can read mine here -

Anonymous said...

Dear newly weds.

Love is a beautiful thing. Try not to stuff it up.


C. Beth said...

If you give up when the road one day gets tough,
Saying, "This is it; it's over, I've had enough,"
You won't know how strong
A relationship that's long
Can be, if you work through the times that are rough.

InspiredDreamer said...

Never sleep angry:
May sleep always come after
sweet, sweet make-up sex.

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