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Monday, January 4, 2010


In the News: This category features news-related prompts.
Times Square shredder offers good riddance to 2009: Scores of New Yorkers and tourists seeking a fresh start in 2010 came to Times Square on Monday to put their bad memories through the shredder at the third annual Good Riddance Day.
A few days late but what would you put through the shredder?


We Have A Winner!!!
I would write down names:
Fear, Doubt, Rejection, Sorrow:
and shred them away.
Winner: Inspired Dreamer
Reason: Those are fantastic things to shred. I'd like to banish them for all of us.


Ryan Ashley Scott said...

My very first rejection letter from an agent made me feel good, like I had finally arrived on that first step to becoming a writer.

The next dozen or so just felt redundant. I'd shred those stair-steppers.

s'me said...

Nothing this year. Plenty from previous years, bad relationships, stupid mistakes, that kind of thing, but this last year, incredibly painful as it has been, is to be cherished, pain and all.

Somethings are needed to help us grow.

Mellodee said...

Into the shredder goes my collection of notes....reminders...messages.... bills....things that made me sad, mad, glad, even know, like the message about the job I didn't get; the name of the new guy I met who never called; the letter from my crazy ol' great aunt telling me all about her wonderful children who are doing so much better than I ever will; the reminder from the dentist that I still owe money on the bridge that broke 3 years ago; the photo of my former best friend who stole my ex-husband; all the worthless "treasures" promised to me in the will of the old man who lived down the street; all the old clothes my former sister-in-law gave me when she lost weight because I was still so much heavier than she; and definitely the stack of kids clothes that has been growing in my closet since 1972 each one needing just a button or a repaired hem, (those kids went off to college 3 years ago!); plus any and all evidence of my disappoints, let-downs, failures, and poor choices. After all, gotta make room for next year's junk!

C. Beth said...

I'd like to destroy every bad memory,
Decisions that reflected poorly on me.
But why shred or burn
When instead I could learn?
Remembering good and bad makes me free.

InspiredDreamer said...

I would write down names:
Fear, Doubt, Rejection, Sorrow:
and shred them away.

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