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Friday, January 29, 2010

Gaming Husband

So I Have This Friend: Give your best advice to this friend.
So I have this friend... Her husband works long hours and insists on "unwinding" when he comes home by playing video games until bedtime. When she calls him to the table for dinner, he gulps down his food so he can return to "relaxing after a stressful day". As a result, she feels their relationship is suffering. How can she get his attention?
We Have a Winner!!! 02/09/10
The wife should dress up as his favorite gaming system and suggest "unwinding" with her.
Winner: Isabella
Reason: Dirty!!!


Mike Trippiedi said...

The guy is a selfish bum. Life is too short. Leave him.

C. Beth said...

My guy's not extreme, but I can understand,
That strong male desire to live in X-Box land.
You gotta talk it out.
(By talk I don't mean "shout.")
A compromising spirit sure beats a loud demand.

Isabella said...

The wife should dress up as his favorite gaming system and suggest "unwinding" with her.

Vicki said...

I was part of a group in college that played games. This was before the big consoles of today. But a group of women formed and called themselves "gaming-widows" I was a part of them some times but more often than not I played with them.

Now it is harder. with kids and the gaming system my husband and I don't get to play together.

He plays after I am asleep.

She should tell him how she feels if he doesn't understand then there are other problems deeper than his playing. Ask him to unwind when she is doing something he cannot do with her.

Simple yes and no.

TMC said...

Childish behaviour needs rules meant for children. Tell him dinner is at 5:30. Period. With his schedule, that means dinner falls exactly when he gets home from work. Ask him to give dinner time just 30 minutes and you won't bug him after that.
If you make him think he's getting the better side of the deal, your tactics might be more successful.

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