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Friday, January 8, 2010

Daddy Dearest

So I Have This Friend: Give your best advice to this friend.
So I have this friend... His wife has accused him of visiting "inappropriate" websites on their computer but he knows it was actually his father-in-law that did it based on the timing. His wife will never believe that her father did such a thing. How does he get himself out of hot water without causing an even bigger situation?
We Have A Winner! 01/17/10
Always, always, always- blame the children.
Winner: Sarah @ My Drunk Monkeys
Reason: This is why we need to have children.


Mellodee said...

Buy dear old Daddy-in-law his own computer and give him lessons in clearing history and getting rid of cookies and temporary internet files!!! Take your wife out to an expensive dinner, and promise never, ever to do it again because she is everything to you, much more important than any woman on the Internet could ever be!! And hope for the best....

Autumn said...

That and set up a guest account on the computer that has parental controls up and running too... and he doesnt have to give away the fact that its FIL he can let her figure that out on her own "Look honey, according to the history on here these pages were viewed on such and such date at such and such time.. I wasnt here for that!" Leave her to her own conclusions.

C. Beth said...

I understand his feeling of gloom--
She trusts her dad more than her groom!
If he has the nerve
To prove Dad's a perv,
He should set up a camera in the computer room.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I'd have to go with time stamps as proof.

But... my bigger concern is the lack of trust. If I found porn on my laptop and asked my hubs about it and he said he didn't do it... I have to admit that I would really trust that he didn't do it. So while the stuff on the computer is bad, I'd focus on the underlying issue- the lack of trust.

Mike Trippiedi said...

From a male perspective, it appears that the father-in-law is more fun than the wife. Maybe this married couple should look at those inappropriate web sites together. Who knows. It might just lead to some new discoveries. :)

Sarah said...

Always, always, always- blame the children.

InspiredDreamer said...

Buy her a flogger
and handcuffs, and say you were
just doing research.

D Gotlib said...

Daddy is a big guy and should have his own computer. This is 2010 when no one should need to borrow one. If this guy does not know how to password protect his own computer and lock out his father in law he deserves the wrath of his wife.

On the other hand, why is his why policing his computer time? What's wrong with this marriage?

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