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Monday, January 11, 2010

Bank Funnies

In the News: This category features news-related prompts.
Wis. man's bank quip earns him Champion Liar title
What is his bank-related quip?


Winner? 01/20/10

I'm not naming a winner until there are at least 5 responses. Once two weeks go by with no winner, this cue will be open for responses but not considered for the daily award.

NOW We Have A Winner 01/21/10
"I'm telling ya honey, this bank manager really cares about us - it's not just about the money with this guy!"
Winner: Marc
Reason: Because it was funny. And also because he responded after I threw a hissy fit about not having 5 responses. Also, his blog is cool so check it out if you're looking for more writing prompts.


Isabella said...

The 65 year old man stated, "they gave me a lollipop at the teller window because I didn't look a day over 18."

C. Beth said...

The Big Bailed-Out Bank CEO
Exclaimed, "Us? Waste money? No, no!
Our board meeting was
In Cancun just because
It's cheaper than Monte Carlo!"

TMC said...

(I was a little brain-dead on this one. Sorry.)

A Wisconsin man stunned bank management Tuesday when they observed one of their tellers be fooled by his insisting that Wisconsin had just passed a new ordinance saying they had switched to using solely Canadian currency.

Meg Smith, the bank branch manager, watched from her desk as her bewildered teller believed the man's tale. She exchanged the man's $100 in US currency bill-for-bill with Canadian currency and wished the man a good day.

The bank manager intercepted the man before he could leave the bank. When asked what his motivation was for the prank, he began ranting about the rampant ignorance of US financial "professionals" saying "It's not even paper! The money's not paper!"

D Gotlib said...

The Wisconsin man stated "it was all for the charity"

Marc said...

"I'm telling ya honey, this bank manager really cares about us - it's not just about the money with this guy!"

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