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Saturday, November 21, 2009


A Thousand Words: Photo day!

Write a brief explanation of what/who she is waiting for.

We have a winner! (12/01/09)
Afternoon waiting...
The hour hand's almost at five:
She'll get her drink on.
Winner: Inspired Dreamer
Method of Selection: I'm always waiting for 5pm so I can get my drink on!


C. Beth said...

This is a fashion I'm hating
Will it pass? I'm waiting and waiting
For goodness' sake,
My back sure does ache!
This big purse trend isn't abating

That corgi :) said...

pregnancy test, she's unmarried, and she just broke up with her boyfriend who just shipped out to Afghanistan


WeeSally said...

I think she was just sitting there, hanging out, then caught a glimpse of a giant man eating spider building a web in the corner of the wall. Now she's trying not to lose her cool, but refuses to take her eyes off it, incase it pounces on her, and munches her.

Rail 16 Photography said...

She has done a long day of window shopping and has taken a break. Her purse is heavy an slowing her down more than she thought it would.

Right now, she's found a decent bench to rest on as she looks up towards the top of an escalator that's not working. She's debating whether she has the energy to make the climb to the next level.

She still hasn't found that one thing to get her daughter so she knows she has to go, but she's dreading the climb as well as the crowds.

Mellodee said...

She's Waiting for Godot!

C. Beth said...

Woo hoo, Mellodee! I like that answer. I guess she'll be there awhile.

MkCrittenden said...

She lingers in the waiting room. She thinks to herself, "Will she look like me? Will she have my eyes? Will she share my love of basketball?" It's tough cloning yourself for the first time.

InspiredDreamer said...

Afternoon waiting...
The hour hand's almost at five:
She'll get her drink on.

TMC said...

She's at a small train station in Southern California, watching the old flip-style display board waiting for her sister's train to arrive.

She thinks her jeans feel too tight. And she wishes she'd worn flip flops and a skirt. She wore this outfit because it's all things that her sister will love and want to borrow. And lending things, sharing things, with her sister makes her happy.

The Caffeinated Mystic (Deb) said...

"Okay, if it moves to the left- he'll call. Crap!... spiders suck."

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