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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Checklist: A list of words will be accompanied by a scenario in which to use them.
banana, Toledo, antenna, lyrics
Use the list of words to talk about prom.

We have a winner!!! (11/19/09)
sad country song lyrics for you:
"my pretty prom queen from toledo...
ripped the antenna off my ford...
and ate my banana cream pie"
Big Ups To: Princess Andy (@PrincessAndy)
Method of Selection: Toledo seems like a place full of Fords with broken antennas and banana cream pies. All of which are perfect for a country song.


jabblog said...

As I walked along the Prom I listened to the lyrics of the latest number one hit. I had stuck an antenna in my banana and held it above my head to catch the sound waves. In my other hand I carried my knife of Toledo steel for this was a dangerous neighbourhood for lone walkers. Then I woke up!

C. Beth said...

Insect Prom Night

Chez Antenna provided the meal
(Toledo's best rotten banana peel)
Then to lyrics so sweet
We danced--all twelve feet
Could this be true love that I feel?

Chixor1 said...

We don't have Proms in Scotland, the planet Scotland, not the country, so I have never been to one. Most certainly not one in Toledo, I hear Ohio is a dirty planet and I am not a fan of dirt and grime.
I do eat lots of bananas though, because they are high in potassium and the banana peels can be used as make shift paper should your alien antenna transmit the lyrics to your home planets national anthem to you via a lightening storm.

That corgi :) said...

Toledo, my date for prom, called telling me he would be late. When I asked why, he said his radio antenna was stuck and he couldn't hear the weather report on what to wear for prom. I asked him what happened to the tux we had rented him and he said he had accidentally smashed banana on it while he was getting ready. I told Toledo not to bother taking me to prom and got my iPod out and listened to some lyrics and danced the night away by myself. Darn that Toledo.


Princess Andy said...

sad country song lyrics for you:
"my pretty prom queen from toledo...
ripped the antenna off my ford...
and ate my banana cream pie"

that shit always makes me cry.

p.s. also, please take note of my adherence to six word sentences. thankyouverymuch

Mellodee said...

We were sitting in the parking lot after my Toledo H.S. Senior Prom. My date was waving around somebody's car radio antenna and trying to remember the lyrics to the Banana Boat Song. Oh, for those madcap days of my youth!

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