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The number one rule? Have FUN!!!

05/23 - I'll be naming final winners this week!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Least Favorite Day?

We've been at it for approximately three weeks of cues and two weeks of winners. I'd like to ask you to vote in the poll located in the right sidebar.

Which day is your least favorite?

The poll is anonymous. If you'd like to leave specific information or suggestions in the comments of this post, that would be fantastic. Or you can always feel free to use the Contact Me page.

I'm looking for ways to make this more fun for you, the participants. And also to increase your numbers - cues with only two responses aren't really what I had in mind.

Please be honest but please also be constructive.


Princess Andy said...


there are different themes to different days?

do you SEE how messed up i am that i didn't realize this?!

i am such a bad friend.

i'll have to sit behind you on the bus to hell now.



MkCrittenden said...

Ok here's my idea... If there is a cue for every day of the week, people will get lazy and think..."ah, I'll just catch the next one." There is no incentive. So, my idea is: There is only one cue for each week, and EVERYONe will want to comment on it, because the winner gets to create the next cue. Maybe?

Mellodee said...

Well, so far, the votes are evenly spread....5 with one vote each and 2 with no vote. Doesn't seem like a clear consensus!! Not too helpful. My own take on the matter is the simpler the cue, the more inclined I am to write. I'm not sure that showing each day's entries as they come in is the best way to do it. If I see a wonderful answer in existence already, I tend not to enter. Maybe actual entries could not be shown until that topic is closed??? That way no one gets intimidated or gets stuck in someone else's idea. It sort of levels the playing field. As for increasing the participants, I don't have any brilliant ideas there. Getting lots of people to participate in anything these days is really hard!

Mellodee said...

Oooh, here's an about developing a trophy award the winner could post on their own blog? If one a day is too much, you could make it a Grand Prize kind of thing....Best of the be posted by the winner. I'll keep thinking, til you tell me to stop! :-)

That corgi :) said...

I voted that storytime was my least favorite. its hard to remember the story line from week to week (at least in my cluttered brain).

like I said before, I enjoy participating here as much as I can but sometimes journals get overwhelming when other things are going on in life so I have to step back and use my journal reading/commenting time constructively

hope this all makes sense


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