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Friday, April 30, 2010

No Cake?

So I Have This Friend: Give your best advice to this friend.
So I have this friend... At her wedding reception next month, she has decided to not have a cake. Instead, there will be fresh fruit and cookies. Could you address my concerns about the legality of this idea and whether or not it will have any bearing on if she is properly married?

05/07/10 - Another day with 4 great responses, just short of the 5 response minimum. No winner. But I love those of you who play so faithfully.


Melinda said...

You know, I have some serious concerns about a marriage that doesn't include a cake of some kind. What if not having a cake is a curse on the union, and you end up getting a divorce?! Do you know how expensive a divorce is? Neither do I, but I bet it is a lot! I think that you should at least arrange the cookies and fruit to look like a cake. I wouldn't mess with a possible curse if I were you.

C. Beth said...

Just to be sure a marriage they make,
Here's some advice I think you should take.
Hope you're not averse
To a big ol' huge purse,
'Cuz you've got to sneak in some black market cake.

Marc said...

A wedding without cake...
Is that even legal?
That's not very classy,
And not the least bit regal -
I bet the bride's wearing
Eau de beagle.

With that out of the way,
With all required kidding aside,
When two people are joyfully joined -
A proud groom, a beaming bride -
I don't think a lack of cake
Will have an effect on the love they feel inside.

Anonymous said...

As a part time lawyer (to fund my other interests) I can assure you that refusing to serve your guests cake will not affect the legal validity of the ceremony.

It is however a spankable offence in most jurisdictions.

Monica Manning said...

A cakeless wedding is akin to a misdemeanor. So ...

You have the right to serve fruit and cookies. Anything you serve can and will be used in lieu of dessert. You have the right to a three-tiered cake. If you cannot afford a three-tiered cake, one will be baked for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?

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