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05/23 - I'll be naming final winners this week!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Women at Work

A Thousand Words: Photo day!

What bizarre situation have these ladies been called in to take care of?

Source: Still Picture Records Section, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-S), National Archives at College Park

We Have A Winner!!! 05/07/10
Their husbands had five alarm chili for dinner.
Winner: Marc
Reason: And now rather than thinking these masks are hideous, we all want one.


Mike Trippiedi said...

This is a still from the 1950's movie "Ant Women From Mars"

C. Beth said...

My neighbors' yard needed work. (That's for sure.)
Hiring landscapers was a great cure.
But it was my task
To put on this mask,
Thanks to humid days, and manure.

Unfortunately this is true. Well, the mask part didn't really happen. But it should have. Their yard better look GREAT after all that fertilizer

silver star said...

Time to change those diapers again!

(My husband actually has several similar-looking masks, he's a Chemical Warfare instructor for the Army.)

Marc said...

Their husbands had five alarm chili for dinner.

Anonymous said...

"Okay Mavis. This time I will do the toilet bowl, and you tackle the laundry basket."

Anonymous said...

Despite their best marketing efforts, the Insta-face automatic make-up applier never caught on.

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