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The condensed directions: Read the cue, react to the cue. There's no right answer, no research required. I cite sources where applicable but it's all about coming up with creative answers. Winners are picked in a week.

The number one rule? Have FUN!!!

05/23 - I'll be naming final winners this week!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shopping Mall

Checklist: A list of words will be accompanied by a scenario in which to use them.
skateboard, sum, ant, drag, positively
Write about something you saw at the shopping mall.

05/07/10 - No winner on this due to lack of response.


InspiredDreamer said...

By Claire's, on skateboard:
Ants in drag, I swear! In sum:
Postively fun.

C. Beth said...

I'm tired of lisening to my mom's sister rant!
She sez I can't spel! (Positively krazy Ant!)
Rode my skateboard 2 the mall,
And hedded down the hall,
2 shop for sum books on speling (cuz I can't.)

Heather said...

"When are you going to buy me a skateboard?" he whined.

"Not until after you learn to ride your bike without training wheels and without fear of falling," I said to my five year old son for what felt like the thousandth time that week. I put the last box of cereal in the pantry and closed the door. "Are you ready to go now?"

He stubbed his shoe into the kitchen floor, twisting his toe as if he was putting out a cigarette. With his eyes downcast, he pleaded. "Can we at least stop at the skateboard store and look at them?"

"Yes, but here is the deal. You walk to the mall on your own. You don't make me drag you, okay?" I hated how he rebelled by walking so slow I'd have time to open a lemonade stand before he would walk a block. "AND," I emphasized, "you positively can't whine about me buying you a skateboard anymore today." I stared at him, trying to make him understand how serious I was. He stared back. I could see he was trying to think of a persuasive argument. "Do we have a deal or do I need to sum it up for you again?" I asked, hoping to interrupt his thought process.

He sighed dramatically, "Fine!" Throwing his hands in the air, he turned and walked out the door. We walked to the mall in silence. He stepped on every ant hill we passed. We spent 45 minutes shopping for a Father's Day gift before finding just the right tie. He was true to his word and we went to the skateboard store.

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