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05/23 - I'll be naming final winners this week!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Traveling Clothes

A Thousand Words: Photo day!

A snapshot of me and Joe (no) on our travels home today. Dare to caption us?

Source: George Eastman House Collection

We Have A Winner!!! 04/28/10
The future parents of Susan Boyle leaving on their Honeymoon.
Winner: Mellodee
Reason: Yikes. And is her arm at the most awkward angle you've ever seen? How uncomfy!


Mellodee said...

The future parents of Susan Boyle leaving on their Honeymoon.

C. Beth said...

"Oh, Joe, please, dear, don't be such a brat.
Why must you look at me just like that?"

"I don't know, my sweet mate,
What to say (my dear Cate)
When you ask, 'Does this bow make me look fat?'"

SparkleFarkle said...

Weekend at 'Bernice's'?! (<--- Be sure to clicky-clicky on your movie title.)

Anonymous said...

The travelling Wilburys' original version of Y-M-C-A never really took off. Possibly because they kept forgetting to put their bags down.

Drama Queen said...

Let go off my elbow Joe!

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