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The condensed directions: Read the cue, react to the cue. There's no right answer, no research required. I cite sources where applicable but it's all about coming up with creative answers. Winners are picked in a week.

The number one rule? Have FUN!!!

05/23 - I'll be naming final winners this week!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Biggest Fan

Letters: Given either a first line or a set-up, write a letter appropriate to the situation.

Your favorite famous person (musician, actor, politician, etc) is running a contest that will reward their biggest fan with a special one-on-one dinner. Write a letter convincing them to choose you.

04/28/10 - Not enough entries to name a winner for this one. It's a shame since we were only one entry short and the four here are great!


China said...

To Jim Gaffigan

Dear Mr. Gaffigan:
I love your standup! You are my favorite funny person (or at least you are running a close second to Jerry Seinfeld). I like that you can stay away from sex and gross stuff and still have plenty of hilarious material.
I love "Pale Force", too. Conan's character reminds me of someone in my family. I could tell you more about that over dinner.
You're great! Keep up the creative comedy and kudos for being a family man.
Your fan,

Cathy said...

To Kenny Loggins:

Dear Mr. Loggins:

You are my favorite musician. Your music has inspired me and comforted me for over 30 years. Your song, "This is It", helped me during the most difficult time of my life, my fight with breast cancer which began as my mother's life was ending in the summer of 2008. I know you wrote this song because of your father's serious illness and it helped me through the torturous months of chemo. I am participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life next month and my team is named, "This is It: Stand up and Fight" because of what the song means to me.

One week before my mastectomy I was at a concert of yours at the Chatuqua Institute. I had purchased tickets months prior and almost had to miss the concert due to tests and surgeries, but we were able to attend and traveled from Ohio to go to the concert. During the concert you walked up the aisle and shook hands with the crowd but stopped with the man sitting in the seat in front of me. Then you stood on the bench diagonally from me and finished the song. It was quite exciting and we had a fun relaxing weekend before my surgery. I truly wish I had been able to shake your hand, but that is how my luck goes.

I am a registered nurse who works night shift and I listen to your music on the way home from work. It helps me relax. Keep on writing songs and producing the CDs and encourage Crosby to do the same. Thank you for all the years of entertainment you have provided to me and my family.



C. Beth said...

Call Me Cate, when it's cloudy, you are my light.
And that sci fi thing? Well, maybe you were right.
Now that we're clear,
I'm asking, my dear,
Can I join you for dinner in Scotland tonight?

(I'm assuming you're paying for the plane ticket too.)

alchemy16 said...

Dear Brendon Urie,

I am completely, senselessly and unashamedly besotted with you.
Every time you smile you make my day. Its true.
I go watch videos of you when I'm ill or bothered.
You're the funniest, nicest musician I know.

I want so much to have a long, rambling conversation about nothing and everything with you.

When you lost your lyricist, I had the wildest dream to replace him. See how crazy I am about you?


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