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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Basket

Take Two: Given a second chance, how would this be different? Rewrite the ending to a book, movie, scene, fable, quote, etc.

Instead of candy, what would you use to fill an Easter basket?

We Have A Winner!!! 04/26/10
Winner: Shark Bait
Reason: It makes perfect sense that candy would be inappropriate with a name like Shark Bait. I just hope there's some provision for water that may seep through the basket.


C. Beth said...

I see Easter eggs filled with stickers and toys,
And coins that jingle with cheery noise.
But I still think it's dandy
To eat LOTS of candy--
One sweet day won't hurt our girls and boys!

alchemy16 said...

I would fill it with paraphernalia that was representative of its origin and significance, not to be religious or anything like that. I'm not Christian, but I grew up with a lot of Christians and what I love about them so much is their steady faith.
So, I would put in the pamphlets about Easter that I've seen at so many church fairs, little trinkets, ornamental things and a tiny cross pendant.
Not to be overly religious, just to celebrate the real beauty and history of Easter :]
Of course, we can go back to candy next year :P

Heather said...

At our house, the Easter Bunny accepts that people will send candy. It doesn't matter that he or she prefers fruit snacks and coins. The candy always arrives in the mail or in subsequent Easter baskets at relatives houses. That's why he or she always includes a few super special toothbrushes. You know the kind that blink, sing, or spin? Yes, a handful of the really expensive ones.

And what do the kids think about this? They love it!

Shark Bait said...


Anonymous said...

Pens and paper, because I loves to write I does.

InspiredDreamer said...

I would fill it with
Blank cards to write happy notes
To kids with cancer.

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