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Monday, December 21, 2009


In the News: This category features news-related prompts.
Grinch steals holiday decorations
Grinch dims holiday lights display
Grinch vandalizes church Nativity
This time of year, it seems the Grinch is blamed for everything. Find someone else to blame in holiday-related news stories.

Winner Time! 12/31/09
Rowdy Reindeer games lead to accidental sleighing of elves.
Winner:Angel Zapata (@AngelZapata)
Reason: Those Reindeer games have always been suspicious.


Hank said...

Rushed Santa delivering gifts caught by photo-red traffic light.

Tom said...

Santa arrested infront of kids for taking candy off store shelves and passing it out to children.

C. Beth said...

A vandal is taggin' the 'hoods,
He's stealing decor and goods.
Who's that I see?
Better call TMZ--
He's a grinch with the name "Tiger Woods."

Mike Trippiedi said...

Disgruntled elf arrested for stomping on the toes of tall people.

s'me said...

Jesus told off for hijacking Pagan Holiday for his own celebration. Defence claims the Emperor made him do it.

Angel Zapata said...

Rowdy Reindeer games lead to accidental sleighing of elves.

InspiredDreamer said...

The mouse, he did stir.
And chewed on the power cords;
That's why lights are dim.

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