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Monday, May 3, 2010

Name That Pony

In the News: This category features news-related prompts.
The Kentucky Derby was held on Saturday. Among the contenders were "Dean's Kitten", "Mission Impazible", and "Super Saver".

What would you name your Derby contender?

We Have A Winner!!! 05/25/10
Sir Muffinkins.

How sad would you be if he lost? "Aw, poor Sir Muffinkins!"
Winner: Jessica (@poisongrl)
Reason: Sad indeed.


Anonymous said...

Mortal Wombat

Jessica said...

Sir Muffinkins.

How sad would you be if he lost? "Aw, poor Sir Muffinkins!"

Mike Trippiedi said...

Not Glue Yet

TMC said...

Franny Sith's Phantom

summerfield said...

several years ago, my partner would take me with him to the racetrack. unbeknownst to him, i would sometimes make some bets. at the time there was a horse named "no sex please" (standard bred) and i bet on him and won $234. turned out it beat my partner's bet so i didn't tell him i bet on the competition and won. hehehe.

but if i have a horse, i'd name it "PMS", if the jockey club will allow it. although there might be a horse with such a name already.

"it's PMS! PMS! and it's PMS by a nose!" i'd like to hear the announcer saying that.

C. Beth said...

He'll be handsomer than a prize poodle,
And friskier than a wet noodle.
He'll enter the race
And end in first place.
My prize-winning stallion, my Zoodle!

Anonymous said...

In time, you shall see
the benefits of having
A horse named Haiku

Heather said...

Dumb Luck..... because I have no real talent in that arena. Plus it would be fun to hear the news anchors giving that report.

Bethany said...

Kibbles and Bits

Anonymous said...

Crazy Glue.

Nothing like reminding him of the consequences of failure.

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