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05/23 - I'll be naming final winners this week!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I've been giving a lot of thought lately to the future of this site. This has required me to give some thought to the past of this site as well.

The condensed version is that while I have really enjoyed reading your responses, I believe my concept really only works with more participants. See, I try to spread the wins around a bit so everyone feels the love and nobody wins more than once a week. But with the same few participating on a regular basis (regardless of how seriously talented, witty, and faithful you have all been), it seems like I'm not always able to choose the "best" option. I'm feeling quite backed into the corner with the concept.

So what to do? Because of the specificity of the concept, I'm not sure. The whole point is to have seven distinct categories and daily winners try to collect all of the badges. If I stop naming winners or do away with the categories, that destroys the concept making this just another writing cue blog.

I'm also at a point off-blog where I'm more slammed than usual (oh, the joys of continuing my education) and could use a breather anywhere I can get it.

For right now, I'm going to put new cues on pause. I will continue naming winners for the remaining cues so if you haven't participated (or want to try again - multiple entries per person is totally acceptable!), go for it!

I'm completely open to suggestions. Please don't give up on the site quite yet. I'll post an update soon.


C. Beth said...

Honestly, I think it's really cool that you are thoughtfully deciding where you should be spending your time. I know this is something you've put a lot of thought into. Whatever you decide to do with the blog, it's fine. I think there's a big difference between re-prioritizing, and just plain quitting. Sometimes we have to let go of things (for a time or permanently) so that we can put time into more important things.

It's an awesome blog though. :)

Heather said...

I will miss the blog, but agree with C. Beth. I'm at that point of re-prioritizing things too. I'll still be checking back for an update when I can.

Mike Trippiedi said...

I respect whatever you decide to do. Just know that many of us are grateful for the opportunity you gave us to contribute.

summerfield said...

i really love the concept of this site and it will be a pity if you decide to discontinue it. i have just discovered this a few weeks ago and have put in the occasional comment. you must know, it is a very good motivator; thank you.

you indicated above that the number one rule here is "to have fun". if you are slammed to the point that maintaining this blog makes you feel like it is another chore you must do, then where is the fun in it for you?

i hope you will continue to do this but if you decide otherwise, surely everyone will understand and respect your decision.


SparkleFarkle said...
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Anonymous said...

The effort you have put in is much appreciated. I have contemplated such ventures for a while, but realised it would be too much like hard work.

Hope you get a refreshment soon.

SparkleFarkle said...

Seven Days Seven Answers is truly a barrel of fun, but even with that being said, it is a mighty big row to have to hoe indeed! I commend you from the bottom of my heart and socks (a different striped one on either foot, most days) for all the wonderfulness you've accomplished for us, here. I would love for it to go on and on and, then, on some more-- but heck, you got to be beat! Thank you so much for this happy-writing goodtime, no matter how long it lasts!

silver star said...

I'm sad, I'm just now seeing this. I know you've been going to school, busy with your job and such, so I totally get your reasons, but when I was able to check in, I enjoyed coming up with responses to prompts that didn't have me giving the computer screen a blank stare (disadvantage of reading blogs after getting off work). Good luck with everything, and I hope this returns in the future with more booyah responses.

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